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The Importance of Shree Radha Damodarji Temple

Mt. Girnar and Girinagar (Junagardh) are very ancient pilgrim places. In the 19th verse of Prabhas Khand from the holy text of Skand Upanishad, there is a description of this important pilgrim place. In the ancient days this pilgrim area was known as “Raiwalak Giri”. The gods of this area i.e. “Raiwalak Giri” and “Vastrapath”, are known to be Damodar Hari.

In the first chapter of Vastrapath, god Shivaji has described the spiritual importance of Damodarji by saying “Vastrapath has the holy seat of Krishna Damodar at the bank of river Swarna Rasha.” There is no other holy pilgrimage placfe like Damodar. Especially by taking a bath in this river during the month of Kartak everybody can get rid of this sins.

At the area of Vastrapath, Lord Shri Vishnu sits in the form of Damodar Hari. God Shiva sits in the form of Bhavnath and in the form of Bhagwati Amba. By the order from Lord Shiva Saraswati, Yamuna and Narmada also have their micro forms here. As the colour of the river Sarita looks golden, its name has been adopted as Swarna Rasha.

Rawat Giri is the holy seat of Lord Narayan. After the assassination of Harinyakashyap Lord Varahe also sacrificed his form as Varaha here. King Prutha garlanded Lord Damodar and worshipped him as Damodar. The incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Vaman was also related to this area of Vastrapath. For penance, Balramji the elder brother of Shri Krishna had a seat on Raiwatak Giri. Shri Balramji was married to Revatiji, the daughter of King Raiwat. The god of farmers, plougher Shri Balramji is also seated along wither Revatiji here. As per the ancient tradition described in the Skand Upanishad the area of Vastrapath in which Damodar Pilgrim is situated many other holy pilgrimage places are also situated in that area such as the holy river Swarna Rasha, Mrugikund, Bhavnath Mahadev, Bhawani Amba, Brahma Kund, Brahmeshwar Mahadev, Indraeshwar Mahadev, etc.