The Sewa Tradition of Shri Damodarji’s Temple
The sewa of Shri Damodarji is being performed in the Samprant-Yug by Vaishnav tradition. Shri Damodarji is the Ishtdev of the holy Brahmin community Giri Narayan. As per the tradition it is believed that the emergence of Giri Narayan community took place at Girnar around 12000 years ago. The Brahmins of Giri Narayan community worships Shri Damodarji and Shri Baldevji by performing sewa-pooja at the purest form everyday by which the vaishanavs used to do.

Ceremonies and Festivals
Innumerous ceremonies and festivals are held throughout the year according to the Pushti principle. The Patoustsav of Damodarji is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasim month of Jath on Vad Baras. To worship their Ishtadev the Girnarayan Brahmin community comes from all over the world. In addition to these, there are ceremonies like Hindolo Utsav, Kesrisnan, Baldevji no Hando, etc.