The Cave of Muchkund
At the west side of Damodarji mandir and near the Revati Kund this ancient cave of Much kund is situated. This place is associated with Ranchod-lila of shri Krishna. To save yadavas from Jarasingh and Kalayvan Lord Shri Krishna left Mathura. In search of Lord Shri Krishna Kalayvan comes at this cave. In this cave king Much kund was in Samadhi. Lord Shri Krishna covers Much Kund body by his own clothes and hides himself by thinking that Lord Krishna is sitting he awakes Much kund. So when Kalyavan awakes Much kund which he thought was Lord Krishna Kalyavan gets burn by the divine light coming out of Much kund. By seeing all these happenings Shri Krishna appears in his true form and gives Darshana to Much kund and blesses him moksha.

Bhavnath Mandir and Mrugikund
There is an ancient temple of Bhavnath Mahadev and Mrugikund at the Girnar Taleti. There is a great holy importance of taking bath in the Mrugi Kund. There is a beautiful tale regarding engagement of king Bhoj who was a king of Kanyakubj and Murgimukhi. At Shiv Ratri the people of Naga community and the saints (sadhus) of Dasnami Akhada take bath in the Mrugikund. During Shivratri many worshippers come here to worship.

The Shilalekh of Ashoka
On the way to Mt. Girnar we can see Ashoka's shilalekh. This monument is also protected by the archeological department. Here the messages for people given by king Ashoka of Maurya dynasty have been carved in Brahmi lipi on a black stone.

The Fort of Opperkot
The fort of opperkot is a protected monument of Archeological department. The history of this fort is bonded with a warrior likie Rajvi Ra-Khangar, Sati Rani Ranak Devi and with Siddhiraj Jaysingh who was the king of Patan. There are certain good things which ware situated in the fort such as fine roads, huge storage for food and water, Adi-chadi vav and Navghan wells which are worth seeing.

Other Historical Pilgrimage Places
There is a divine temple of Maa Bhavani Ambaji in the Giri area. There is a famous small pilgrim place known as Guru Dattatraiji,s Tunk which is the highest Tunk of Girnar. There is also a holy kund known as Kamandal kund from which pilgrim take a handful of water and drink it and feel themselves obliged. In Junagadh there is a chora devoted to Narsinh Mehta. Mt. Girnar is surrounded by beautiful forests. There is a great importance of Girnar's Parikrama.