Gynati Mandal is taking a huge part in the renovation of the mandir and the periphery of it. If any person wants to give any support in this renovation process then they can contact the mandir’s trust office.

In the coming days Shri Radha Damodarji Mandir is planning to built a huge Gaushala. To stop cows being sent to slaughter houses this Gaushala is being developed. This gaushala will be full fledged with veterinary doctors and the cows which have become old, who are diseased, physically handicapped, who have become thin, etc will be treated properly and they will be provided with nutrional food.

Teaching of Pushti-Margiya Sewa-Shrungar
At present there is a decline in people who know the sewa-shrungar way in which the Shri was worshipped. There are many temples in India which perform Pushti-Margiya sewa. So it is an effort of the Trust to train such people who can give seva as Mukhayaji and who can seva shrungar the shri. So for the above purpose trust will be teaching the interested people to become “Mukhiyaji”.

Anna Kshetra
As the mandir of Shri Radha-Damodarji is famous all over the world, many pilgrims visits this place every year. Every year lakhs of devotees visit this place during the Shivratri mela and the huge parikrama mela. For the facility of the devotees the temple trust is trying to provide them with the loding and food within the temple.

Free of Charge Dispensary
As many devotees visit from different parts of the world to this temple of Shri Radha-Damodarji at the time of Shivratri. The trust is planning to provide them with specialist doctors and medicines free of charge. This free of charge facility is also provided to the city people who are residing nearby the temple.

Gurukul (Ashram Shalla)
The trust is also planning to develop a big Gurukul which can give India best intellectuals and quality people. In this gurukul students would be taught different subjects like Ved, Sanskrit, English, Karmakand, Vaidek Acharya, Veda Acharya, sports like shooting, swimming, horse riding, etc. The students are also given the knowledge of computer and music. Facility of lodging and boarding is also being planned by the Gurukul for the students.

Mobile Dispensary
In the near future trust is also planning to have a mobile dispensary which can provide first aid to the villagers and the nearby village people.

Ambulance Facility
Trust is also planning to provide ambulance facility to those who have emergencies, to village people who are ill, in accident cases, during earthquakes, tsunami,etc.

Kirtan and Haveli Sangeet
In pushti-marg the lord’s ceremony is celebrated by various kirtans. To preserve this tradition trust is planning to give classes of Haveli sangeet, Pakhwajvadan, Harmonium, Tablas, Zanzs, etc.

Karmakand and Kathkar
Shri Radha-Damodarji Mandir trust is also trying to develop intellectual karmakandi Brahmins and intellectual kathakars.

Shri Radha Damodarji mandir trust is also planning to have a big library. The library will have the books and Upanishads on karmakand, Haveli Sangeet, Palmistry, Pushti-Margiya, Nitya-Bhavna, Vedas, Puranas, history, shilp culture, literature, bhaktipadas, Narsinh Mehta, Upanishads, etc. By reciting these books there will be an immense increase in the knowledge of the people.

Satsang Hall
Shri Radha Damodarji mandir trust is also planning to built a satsang hall which can be be beneficial to the kathakars. This sat sang hall can also prove beneficiary to the religion lovers who can give lectures, recite bhagwat katha, perform paragya, shri Krishna leela, dhodhi leela, etc.

Pitru Moksha Dham
Many devotees come to the holy Damodar kund to perform Pitru Karya. At present there is no facility of doing pitru karya. In the month of kartak and Bhadarva many devotees come to perform this ritual. The pitru-moksha dham will provide necessary facilities such as rituals, bathroom, cloth changing rooms, gaushala and food for Brahmins. So that the pitru-karya can be done properly. There is a lot of importance of this place to perform the pitru karma.

Thousands and lakhs of devotees come to visit Shri Radha-Damodarji temple. During the next year two big melas are also planned so that thousands of devotees can come to the temple. Mt. Girnar is also situated here. As thousands and lakhs of devotees come to visit the Shri Radha-Damodarji temple, trust is planning to built a big dharmashalla in which lodging and boarding facilities will be provided to the pilgrim. Parking and cloak room facilities will also be provided in the dharmashalla.

Old Age Home
People who are old, who have been abandoned by the society, who do not have any support are being allowed to live in old age home which the trust is planning to open. All the facilities like lodging, dispensary and entertainment will be provided by the trust to this old age home.

Meditation Hall
The Radha-Damodarji Mandir trust is also planning to have a meditation hall. Various shibirs for yoga and sadhna will be conducted by the trust.

Dhyan Kutir (Cottage)
Shri Radha-Damodarji trust is also planning to built a Dhyan kutir which shall be in the shape of a pyramid and in which the devotees can perform their yoga and sadhna in a natural surrounding.

Herbal Garden
Shri Radha-Damodarji mandir trust is also planning to develop a herbal garden so that people can attain the knowledge of various ayurvedic herbs. The trust is also planning to manufacture these ayurvedic herbs.

Sanskrit School
Shri Radha-Damodarji trust is also planning to open a Sanskrit school so that the children of today can learn Sanskrit and can pronounce the words perfectly which has been mentioned in the Vedas and Upanishads. They should also be able to pronounce the verses of the holy book Gita so that they can be the intellectuals of Future.