Shri Damodar Hari’s Temple
Shri Damodar Hari’s Main Temple
Shri Damodar Pilgrimage is situated along the road to Girnar in Junagadh city in the south of Saurashtra. The renovation of this pilgrim place was done during the regime of king Skand Gupta who was from the Gupta dynasty in the year 462 A.D.

Main Temple
The Shri Damodar Hari’s main temple is made up of two parts—Nij mandir’s shikhar is 65 feet and the height of saloha Mandap’s shikhar is 30.5 feet. In all the Nij mandir and the saloha Mandap has 32 arcs and 84 decorated and well crafted pillars. A flag has been hoisted at the apex of the Nij mandir.

Here Shri Lord Damodar Hari seats in the form of Chaturbhuj-Vishnu. The holy statue of Shri Damodarji sits as Vigrah and near this sits the other form of Damodarji known as Nana Damodarji. Four hands of Damodarji occupies Shankh, Chakra, GAda and Kamal—the lotus. Radhaji is seated next Damodarji. Next to Shri Hari there is a temple of elder brother Shri Balramji. There is a garbhagruha and a small sabha mandap in this temple compared to the toher. The height of the garbhagruh till the apex of Shri Daoji mandir is 35.5 feet and the height of the apex of the Sabhamandap is 16 feet. In the Daoji temple premises there are two statues of Lord Balram, one small and the other large in size. Along with Shri Balramji Shri Revathiji is also placed.

In the south-west side of the temple there is a temple of Shri Ganapatiji. There is a beautiful life size statue of Ganapatiji in this temple.

By bathing in the Damodar kund and by worshiping the deities here the pilgrims feel very obliged.